About Us

We are an international hardware company focusing on the development of a radar technology in IoT, Internet of Things.

Create a New Way to Interact with Life

We, at King City, have a clear goal: Enhancing the standard of living by IoT technology.

We have entered the information era, people everyday are coming up with more advanced ideas to utilize the technology. Our Team has taken advantage of this opportunity, utilizing radar technology in IoT, employing techniques to upgrade the living standard of the people. We have evolved the IoT technology which enables networks of electronic devices to be embedded with radar sensors. These sensors capture the data and the statistics to facilitate people’s control on different appliances and other areas of life. One example is the waving of your hand, to turn on the lights at home.

While IoT technology and daily life can be bonded in harmony, we are promoting a more interactive IoT culture.

Radar Technology was first developed secretly by several nations for military use at and or around the time of WWII in the 1940s. Radar uses radio waves to determine the range, angle and speed of objects. The waves are sent via a transmitter, antenna and signal of radio waves in the form of microwaves, and or electromagnetic waves are received by a receiving antenna. By collecting these properties of data, one can determine the distance and velocity of an object. That was the intention of the creation of radar technology for use in the military. i.e. to detect aircraft, tanks and vehicles.

King City has taken radar technology to a whole new level. It is now not only limited to military use but King City has unleashed the vast market potential in its application. Applications once never thought possible. These includes but not limited to consumer product markets, building of smart cities, applying to smart homes, the medical industry, data collection and analysis for security usage, changing the way people receive and experience advertisement, the IoT market and on and on goes the list.

This can all be achieved because King City possess the expertise, management team, technical knowhow in the creation of its own proprietary technology, algorithm, software, hardware modification utilizing the basic properties of radar technology which when it was first developed, was not thought possible. With King City’s technology, it is now possible to tap the vast application across so many existing industries and the creation of new ones, which is truly revolutionary.

Radar itself is very useful in hand gesture recognition, distance measurement and object identification, which are the essential elements that can be found in a Smart City environment.

With the help of these devices, you can also create a smart home. You can control the luminosity of light or open the refrigerator with touchless interaction. You can also safeguard your home 24 hours a day with a radar security system. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly find the nearest available parking lot with vacant spaces. Last but not least, radar lens oversees traffic data and eradicate traffic jam.


Hand Gesture Recognition Hand Gesture Recognition Text

Radar sensor is robust in recognizing hand gesture and hand movements. It is extremely stable and can always perform stable and steady responses according to the users’ command. The device is durable and importantly comes at a low cost. Applying radar technology in IoT devices have already been proven its superiority over other approaches like infrared and voice control.

Distance Measurement Distance Measurement Text

The radar sensors developed by King City enable accurate distance measurements for a wide range of applications. In addition to the distance, our system is responsible to estimate the motion and relative speed of the detected objects. Based on the principle and with King City’s 24GHz ISM band, the radar operation is interference free from the environmental conditions, ambient light or outdoor extreme climax.

Object Identification in Smart City Object Identification Text

Enhancing the utility of infrastructures, creating a quick and responsive solution for cities with the adoption of King City's Radar Technology. As radar technology contributes to object identification, it can enhance traffic management, helping to ease the road condition. Our idea is to build a smart city by monitoring the traffic, identifying parking vacancies and checking on the pedestrian movement.

Core Technology

Radar Tech
Radar Technology

Our radar sensor is the art of integration of the millimeter wave antenna, radar transceiver frontend and the baseband signal processing unit. With our radar sensing technology, we can enable different detection schemes. Our solution can identify different gestures, human body movement or vehicle by distinct reflected radar signal. With the advanced radar hardware, we are capable to capture the reflected signal efficiently with valuable characteristics.

Deep Learing
Learning Algorithm

Our learning algorithm optimizes the analytical process of radar signal. Instead of traditional ToF or Infra-red sensor approach consuming huge computing resources and bandwidth, the radar-based approach greatly reduces the required processing power. Besides, the reduced bandwidth allows device connectivity. We enable the device with fast and responsive interaction by advanced radar detection algorithm.

User Interface
User Interface

The UI is a prominent gateway between users and devices. Our user interface design allows users interactive with IoT device by intuitive hand gestures. Besides, advanced radar detection technology captures more user information which help the device to be more responsive.

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