Object Identification in Smart City
Traffic Monitoring

In a metropolis, it is a common vexation for everyone to worry about the transportation duration. Road users face enormous difficulty in handling traffic jams, governments always welcome sustainable solutions which help upgrade urban mobility and improve with efficient road utilization. As a team of technology experts, we propose the intelligent radar-based traffic monitoring solution.

With the use of the radar technology, every detail about traffic can be accounted for. Low data rate is required which enables cloud based capability in remote areas. At the same time, the required processing power is minimized. For instance, by installing radar sensors near the entrance of the tunnel, it enables monitoring on the numbers, type, velocity of the automobiles, and the data are collected in real time. In addition, to generate further statistics for urban planning or review, these data are correlated to the traffic light signals, and can be made available to public accessing from their gadgets or smart phones. During peak hours, private car drivers can avoid the crowded routes or choose to commute by public transportation.

Parking Lot Availability and Vacancies

Smart Transport saves drivers’ time by making finding parking spaces a smoother process. People can spend less time on looking for parking lots and vacant spots. One of the reasons that cause traffic congestion is the inconvenience of finding parking. Drivers always question on the parking vacancy, they waste time looking around until they can park their cars. Good news is, it is indeed possible to predict parking space availability. With the assistance of King City’s radar sensors, vacancies in every single public and private car park can be monitored for parking lot availability, and this information can be checked online at anytime and anywhere. The radar system is connected to the cloud where all the traffic data are stored. Only with a click, Smart Citizens can share the real time location and search for the most nearby parking vacancy via the smart App. The App may also help to predict available parking lots and vacancies, by calculating the average parking time in respective locations. Apart from offering convenience to the road users, this eases traffic congestion problems and reduces the overutilization of the road, resulting in an efficient way of living for all of us.

Pedestrian Count with LED Dimming Function

Street lamps are no longer used for their single lighting function. The potential in street lamps have been discovered with new technology. The lighting infrastructure devotes to smart city via collecting and distributing data to create a dynamic change.

Embedding a radar chip into the light pole, one of the largest advantages is to monitor the pedestrian flow. With the digital networks and information collected, the LED street lamp may save energy. The network remotely controls the luminosity and adjusts it depending on the pedestrian volume nearby. The new function allows for the maximization of urban energy and shields the drivers. To conclude, low-cost radar module enlarges scalability, every street lamp, even in remote areas is suitable for the installation of the radar chip.

Pedestrian Count with LED Dimming Function