Hello, New Office in STP!
Aug 2017
Incu-tech Programme
King City is now formally operating under the STP Incubation Programme inside the Hong Kong Science Park in New Territories.
Incu-Tech Logo

The programme aims at assisting innovative startups, promoting their products in the current market. STP have been leading 334 innovative companies to success since 1992. Being shortlisted under the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) incubation programme, we are being recognized for the outperformance. STP has approved us with discovering the potential of applying hand gesture control in VR. As the first one to raise this design, we hope to share our vision to global citizens as soon as possible. The Incu Programme is the best choice for scientific research because of its reliable R&D. Partnering with the tech industry giant, STP is providing us the world-class laboratories with advanced equipment and software, with all of these supports and efforts, you are ensured with the quality of Blackon.

Technology has been changing everyone's eye to see and way to live. Under the umbrella of the Incu-tech programme, King City is endeavor to enhance Blackon's gesture recognition skills. We are more than honored to exchange ideas through the start-up platform.

Science Park Night