ICT Expo
April 2017

King City has been invited for the 2017 International ICT Expo organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

ICT EXPO 2017-01
Start-Up Zone

This year, the ICT Expo is a major focus for the startups. The debut Startup zone is located at Hall 3F-G where introduced new companies from 6 areas incuding Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Japan, Taiwan and the US. They brought out technology innovation like AR/VR, IOT, Big Data, e-commerce etc. Blackon: Radar-bases Gesture Recognition Device

Sited in the Start-Up Zone, King City has presented the newest radar technology in gesture recognition to the public, which is solely found in our booth among all companies. The radar technology is such a big success that Blackon, the King City's highlighting product has captured most of the people's attention. Applying 24GHz radar tech into the chip, Blackon is able to recognize the hand gestures with great speed and high accuracy. The operating principle of Blackon is simple: Using 3 gestures- Click, Swing, Pull-Up to control the entire VR interface.

As different fingers movements generate corresponding amplitude, Blackon may easily probe and figure out whether the user is doing the click, swing, or pull-up gesture. In coordinate with the programme written, the player needs only their intuition to control the VR interface.

Experience Hands Free, Controller Down

Controller is said to be redundant in the future generation, why don't we just use our hand to control all? To give this premium experience to the public, we set up a simplified version of Blackon in the expo. We first connect the radar chip to the monitor. Then, users are invited to place their hands and show a random gesture on top of the radar chip, thus different amplitudes will be shown on the screen.

ICT EXPO 2017-02
ICT EXPO 2017-03
The graph is showing the amplitude in respect of time

The Expo visitors generally give positive comments to the Blackon, they have shared our vision and see the potential of radar tech implication together with King City. Some of them questioned about the discrepancy between radar and infrared radiation. Currently, infra-red radiation is commonly used in identifying hand gesture. However, the radar wins over the infrared one in the aspects of stability, flexibility and battery usage. Another advantage is that radar system gains so high penetration power that even there are some blockage in front of the chip, Blackon still works well.

Hope you all have a great time and get inspired in this year ICT Expo!