First Model comes up: Authenticity of Blackon
May 2017

After half a year of research and development from our tech professional team, the comprehensive Blackon system has been designed from conception. Blackon's model is first demonstrated in the middle May.

Radar Chip

Thinner than a one-dollar coin, Blackon spares no effort to serve you with an accurate, convenient and fast UI. Attaching Blackon on top the VR headset, the system runs automatically, your hand gesture begins to be recorded. Look at the music menu, you can click to choose a song, swing to skip to the next song, or pull up to exit to the main menu. The control is intuitive that will never disappoint you with its accuracy.

Indeed, the accuracy is ascribed to the Deep Learning. Thousands of data set have been collected from users during the research period. The system memorized hand and finger movements for reference, this enables itself in foreseeing the next gesture's intention, defining each gesture in a detailed manner. To be even more adaptable, Blackon is capable in deep learning, a class of machine learning algorithms using cascade of previous data. We believe that people may perform slightly different hand posture, so Blackon will learn your habit to make adjustment once you start using it. The more you communicate with Blackon, the more it knows you. In the demonstration test, very high stability was detected, users experience is going to be enhanced by gaining 10 out of 10 times recognition successfully.

Another highlight performed by the model is Blackon's physical size and penetration power. Looking alike to a one-dollar coin, there are much more Blackon can serve you than you imagine. In the demonstration, we placed Blackon inside a transparent plastic box, nevertheless, this didn't do any effects on the operations. With even a thick blockage, e.g a 5cm wood block, the radar has no problems in penetrating it. Taking the advantage of radar radiation, the high penetration power facilitates broader usage of the chip. In the future, different kinds of installations can be applied as Blackon is extremely small and light.

Apart from the Blackon hardware, the VR software offers you a new angle of amusement. In the main menu, the system provides you with the gaming, workspace, video and music. In the aid of VR, you can enjoy wide range of sensation at the same time. For instance, listening to music is not only limited to audition, the system also grants you a vision which matches the music melody.

More possibilities will be discovered, keep your seat bell fasten in this exposure. You are going to be wowed by this experience.